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Tarot deck

25 giu 2014 / in ,

“Tarocchi di connessione” is a 22 Major Arcana cards Tarot deck I created, illustrated and designed in 2006. First Edition was published with Hermatena Edizioni / “Museo dei Tarocchi”, 2007. The sencond Edition is a self-published one, I’ve redesigned the back of each card and used a different packaging (just a few limited decks have handpainted one of a kind packaging in purple-violet-blues shades, the other ones comes in two different colors: one natural ecofirndly sand tone, the other one is a patterned copper tone, antique look). Decks etsy-icon-small-orange
“Tarocchi di connessione” means “connection tarot” and enphasizes the idea of  “connecting”. This is a personal interpretation of the 22 Major Arcana, with dreamy, symbolic, surreal, pagan, magical, myth, conceptual influences. Each card is named in a personal interpretation creating a whole system of meaning within the traditional 22 Major Arcana.
In 2017 the FULL DECK (78+2 cards) version is finally available on my shop (decks production is in progress).

Most photos are taken by Tryfar at Diramazioni.