Asofy originated in 2000 from the mind and fingers of Tryfar, its founder.
Empio is his associate since 2009 as poet and vokiller.
Their personalities are rather diverse, if not opposite. What unites them, and perhaps their most valuable feature, is how they both cherish the role of communication, and how they apply this concept.

Empio . Voice and Lyrics
Tryfar . Instruments and Music

Additional musician:
Stefano de Ponti . additional instruments and guitar on “Percezione”
M . additional Guitars on “Il silenzio per parlare”
Vocisconnesse . Lyrics and additional Voice on “luce”, Lyrics on Information/Noise

2001/2004 . ebYm . full length . trazeroeuno  (cd-r)
2005 . Luce . asymmetry compilation . total rust (cd)
2007 . Lento procedere prima del sonno . ep . trazeroeuno (cd-r)
2010 . information/noise [split with Sleeping Village] . ep. trazeroeuno  (cd-r)
2013 . Percezione . full length .  avantgarde/bruma (cd)