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Here is a brief introduction to the e-books:

Augusto Ghites is a junkie. His drug: the ashes of the dead. His trip: reliving the lives of those whose ashes he sniffs and interacting with their ghosts. Set in a decadent Milan and told in perfect noir style, this horror novella introduces a dark and self-destructive occult detective in the best hard-boiled tradition.
© Samuel Marolla for Acheron Books

In an apparently abandoned house, time and space work in a peculiar way. Those inside can’t remember why they are there and memories of the time before are beginning to fade.
Three horror short stories, three dark visions of Milan and Italy from Samuel Marolla, the Master of Italian Horror. It includes the tale “Black Tea”, an Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2013, republished in 2015 by Apex Publications.
© Samuel Marolla for Acheron Books

A series of mysterious, ritual murders linked to the mummies of the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo brings Joe Petrosino, the famous Italian-American cop from New York, back to his native land of Sicily to investigate the case.
A terrifying sequel to H.P. Lovecraft’s THE HORROR AT RED HOOK. But this time… the Old Ones come to Italy!
© Paul di Filippo and Claudio Chillemi for Acheron Books