Full Tarot deck, 78 cards in black box, silver printed, 2020.
Available here: vocisconnesse.etsy.com | diramazioni.etsy.com

The peculiarity of this deck is in the names given to the minor Arcana, still the Minors images are based on the “Rider Waite” type, so many would find them familiar, dispite this deck has its own unique visual and concept. The traditional names of the Minor Arcana and Court cards have been renamed:
instead of Wands we have TWIGS, instead of Cups we have AMPHORAE, Pentacles are renamed AMULETS, Swords are renamed SICKLES. Page, King, Queen have been replaced by YOUTH, LORD, LADY. The traditional Knights/Horses are here fantastic Horses, some turned in mythological creatures: HIPPOCAMPUS (ruling Water-Amphorae), GRIFFIN (Fire-Sticks), HORSE (Earth-Amulets), PEGASUS (Air-Sickles).
Major Arcana instead still have the “traditional names”:
-Fool -Magician -High Priestess -Empress -Emperor -Hierophant -Lovers -Chariot – Justice -Hermit -Wheel -Strength -Hanged -Death -Temperance -Devil -Tower -Moon -Sun -Judgment -World