Handmade jewelry 2013/2014

Handmade jewelry 2013/2014

-handsculpted in modelling clay (natural, eco-friendly) with gemstones and more materials. OOAK.

Dryad necklace. Available.

antiquedryad-leaf-neckl01-web antiquedryad-leaf-neckl04-web antiquedryad-leaf-neckl03-web antiquedryad-leaf-neckl02-web

Amulet necklaces, elementals: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Available.

amulet-neckl-air04 amulet-neckl-fire05 amulet-neckl-water05 amulet-neckl-earth01

amulet-neckl-air01 amulet-neckl-fire01 amulet-neckl-water01 amulet-neckl-earth03

Owl Key necklace and Strix owl key necklace. Available.

-handmade in modelling clay, including a brass vintage key.

owl-key-gufo-sculpt01 owl-key-civet-sculpt01 owl-key-gufo-sculpt031 owl-key-civet-sculpt03

Moon Amulet necklaces, and one pair of Moon earrings. Available.

labradorit-moon-neck01 moon-necklace031 moon-necklace01 antiquemoon-errings01_web

moon-scarab-amulet051 moon-scarab-amulet02 moonmoss-rune-amulet01 moonmoss-rune-amulet04

ITA - Illustrazioni per magliette per il festival “Gods od metal” 2012.
ENG - Illustrations for merchandise t-shirts for “Gods of metal” music festival 2012.

MOTHS                                                                                  OLD WITCH
godsofmetal2012-moths-final2-1 godsofmetal2012-witch-final2
© Vocisconnesse at Diramazioni

Greeting cards illustrations

Greeting cards illustrations - Happy Halloween / Crazy birthday
-Available for licensing: I also can create a whole serie on this theme or other themes. The dark, weird or ironic are my favourite ones of course, but I can also do some more colorful and children style illustrations, but I always want them dreamy and a bit surreal. The green one the most “ordinary” one, commissioned by a greeting card agency, but still available for licensing sale.

greetingcard02-happyhall greet-card03

greetingcard01-happyb greetingcard05-catdogmous

Fairy tale illustrations - “Green shelter”,  “Yellow goats”, “Owl
- acrylic paintings on wood, prints available on Vocisconnesse shop

il_fullxfull1474808211 il_430xn1474808262 il_430xn1474808671

lunar-witch-paint011 wooden-pendants-01

Monsters sketches

Monsters skeches
- Monsters sketches for an ilustration commissioned by the band “Low Cost“, also for logo and merchandising. Final illustrations artworks.
- mixed media

mostro01-press mostro04-press mostro02-press mostro03-press

Elephant freedom / Firefly witch / Distant flight- witch flight

-children and kids illustration, mixed media (drawing, ink + digital)
-mixed media, fantasy fairytale subject by me.

elephant-vocisconnesse firefly-witch provvisor