Azhure Eggs Tree

Azure Eggs Tree
- Mixed media + digital illustration. Prints available on my shop.
Inspired by a dream.


Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea
- digital illustration (photoshop, photography…). Prints available on my shop.


Windows on this world 2

Windows on this world
- handsculpted in modelling clay + acrylic + wooden frame + vintage keys + Orwell miniature book (handmade by Tryfar)

“Black Goat / Capretta”: SOLD

sculpt-blackgoat01 sculpt-blackgoat03 sculpt-blackgoat05

“Deer”: SOLD
“Dear Forest Keeper

From the woods
walking without boots,
the yellow leaves
as you lost your beliefs.
The horned one
with the moon
as the roots
for the sun.”

sculpt-deera sculpt-deerb sculpt-deerd sculpt-deere1

“Black bird”: SOLD
“Dear black bird tell me your secrets…I’m looking into your deep eyes”

sculpt-windows-blackbirde sculpt-windows-blackbirdd sculpt-windows-blackbirda

sculpt-windows-blackbirda1 sculpt-windows-blackbirdf

“Witch with black cat”: AVAILABLE here.

sculpt-witch-catb sculpt-witch-cata sculpt-witch-catd

“Literature for dogs, from the dog’s library”- (featuring “The animal factory” by George Orwell): SOLD.

sculpt-doga sculpt-dogb sculpt-dogd